Man Begins Performing Popular Dance But His Horse Steals The Spotlight

May 04, 2021 by apost team

A man began dancing along to the next big internet dance trend, but his four-legged friend stole the show. In a video uploaded by YouTube user Olli Arnemann in September 2019, Arnemann started to bust some moves to the popular dance routine, with his horse standing happily right next to him. In a turn of events, Arnemann ended up taking more of a background role as he led his horse around and allowed the sweet animal to bust out some moves of its own.

Who doesn’t love watching cute animals do funny things? Arnemann filmed this video at a stunningly beautiful ranch with bright green grass in the background and a pen full of walked-on dirt decided to give the internet exactly that. He set the stage by having his horse stand in the center of the pen with the camera perfectly directed at the sweet creature. The horse’s brown and white spots on its coat looked beautiful as it found its rhythm and danced along to the catchy song.

Throughout the routine, the horse continued to show off just how smart and quick it was to pick up the smooth dance moves. Arnemann danced alongside his friend as the pair moved happily to the beat. While the moves may seem simple, getting such a large and elegant creature to perform such a stellar routine definitely made for an uplifting video. The horse was ready from the get-go, stealing the spotlight as soon as the camera began rolling and the song blasted across the pen.

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The song “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown has been taking the world by storm since its release in May 2019, including the video of the man and his horse dancing. While past songs have led to the creation of popular dance moves and fun trends, “The Git Up” has proven to be something pretty unique with its own dance routine. It’s been dubbed as the next viral country rap song, following the high-charting and extremely popular song “Old Town Road" by singer and rapper Lil Nas X. Both works of music showcase a great country twang sound while having an impressive flow and rap beat play over. 

“The Git Up” proved to be more than just an internet craze, as it is also a well-charting song that has continued to captivate audiences. It impressively debuted at no. 66 on the charts, and later peaked at no. 14 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the musical year of 2019 through 2020. It also served as the lead single from Brown’s debut album “Honeysuckle and Lightning Bugs,” a collection full of other country-rap and trap songs.

Brown had filmed himself performing a line dance along to the song, which took the world by storm and inspired others to follow suit. Plenty of people around the globe decided they wanted to try their hand at the simple yet fun dance routine, resulting in some great performances. This also helped boost streams for Brown’s contagious song, causing the song to surpass 200 million streams on Spotify by the end of 2020.

According to USA Today, fathers have been showing off their own moves for “The Git Up” challenge, inviting their daughters to join them. Brown’s song has inspired people all over to try out the step-by-step dance, with the lyrics directing the fun movements, as stated, “two step, then the cowboy-boogie.” The song follows up with the lyrics, “grab your sweetheart,” directing listeners to find someone else to dance along with. Whether it’s a sweet moment between family members, a fun date idea for a couple or even a wild adventure between owners and their pets, this dance craze has definitely taken over.

Arnemann and his horse took on the challenge as they danced along to “The Git Up.” They bopped together along to the opening of the song before Arnemann began directing his horse to gallop in a circle around him. The horse threw it in reverse as he continued trotting but this time in a backward motion. The pair continued stepping along to the beat, following the clear instructions in the lyrics, as they stepped to the left and then to the right. The horse was a true star as it continued busting out impressive and detailed moves. The sweet creature is rewarded with plenty of pets and encouragement from its owner at the end of the video after finishing the incredible routine.

Although Arenmann set out to show off some moves of his own, his horse ended up stealing the spotlight as the pair danced alongside each other in an epic dance routine.

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