Man Attacks Woman In Elevator But Is Unaware Of Her Self-Defense Skills

Being attacked by surprise can be one of the worst feelings to endure. People don't expect to become crime victims when they go about their daily business. Unfortunately, predators do exist among us, and they often strike without warning. Sometimes, however, they pick the wrong prey.

Recently released closed-circuit television footage taken from an elevator in China shows a man attacking an unsuspecting woman. He likely regretted his selection of a victim when she fought back with all her might.

The woman was checking her phone right before the incident occurred. The man in the elevator used the woman's momentary distraction to get too close. The woman, unfortunately, could not move too far away from him as they both were inside a closed, moving elevator. The man put his hand on the woman.

At this point, she had enough. A hooking slap to the face, a knee and a front snap kick to the groin ended things quickly.

The woman looked like she may have had a background in martial arts and self-defense training. All her hits were entirely on target. The strikes also landed with tremendous force. The assailant found himself dropping to the floor within seconds.

While the video shows that people can become victims of crime without warning almost anywhere, the footage also proves the importance of self-defense skills. The ability to defend yourself could preserve your safety or even your life in a bad situation.

Do you have friends or family members who wonder if self-defense training is worth their time and money? Once they see this video, their questions should have a clear answer.