Man Agrees To Help 91-Year-Old With Flat Tire Only Afterward Girlfriend Tells Him He’s Gained Internet Fame

Sep 15, 2020 by apost team

Jared Stice was simply trying to do the honorable thing when he became an internet sensation.

Last year, Stice was secretly filmed by a passerby as he helped a 91-year-old man change his tire, which had gone flat. His selfless act of kindness quickly went viral, with it garnering many likes on Facebook since its upload.

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According to the News On 6, Stice was working his shift at a local QuikTrip store in Tulsa, Oklahoma when a customer asked if anyone knew how to change a flat tire. Without hesitating, Stice volunteered to help the man.

What Stice did not know at the time was that the 91-year-old man was also currently undergoing treatments for skin cancer.

Arthur McAfee offered to pay Stice for helping him with his flat tire but Stice refused the money.

Despite it being a cold winter day, Stice was still willing to help McAfee even though he was not dressed for the conditions.

What Stice did not know was that someone had discreetly taken a picture of Stice's act of service and posted it online. It was Stice's girlfriend who told him that his picture was all over Facebook.

McAfee was also unaware of the viral picture until a friend from church mentioned it to him.

The fact that this picture spread so quickly is a testament to the fact that so many people loved the spirit of selflessness that Stice expressed when going out of his way to help a stranger in need.

If you have not seen the picture or video of the story, now is your chance to do so. After you have had the chance to check out this heartwarming story, you can spread it to everyone else that you know. We need to celebrate people like Stice and their commitment to helping others.

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