Mama Cat Steals Crying Kitten Back From Toddler

Seeing little ones playing with baby animals may be adorable and the perfect photo opportunity, but sometimes it can cause great stress for the tiny kitten or puppy if they’re not being handled correctly.

As parents, especially of newborns, we feel quite protective of our child and make sure people are holding them properly. What we often forget is that animal parents can also feel the same way. A mother dog or cat may react strongly to you picking up their offspring, even more so if it’s done incorrectly.

Toddlers lack the gentleness to handle newborn kittens, and sometimes they can just be complete jerks. Little kids have been known to pull their tails or hold animals by their limbs since they don’t always understand that they’re handling a living creature.

The toddler in this video is gentler than most, but still causing stress for the mother cat of a new litter of Siamese kittens. The kitten cries and cries as the mother tries to gently take her young from the toddler’s grasp.

At first, the girl tries to keep the kitten away from the mother cat, but it doesn’t give up. Desperate to save her kitten, the mother lifts itself up on its hind legs, reaches for the kitten's neck, and quickly hurries back to safety.

Needless to say, the toddler is heartbroken that her new furry friend was taken away! But grandpa is quick to comfort her and hopefully teach her about how precious living things are.

The mama cat did what she thought was best for her young, even if it meant upsetting a member of the family. You can’t fight motherly instincts!

To see the mother cat steal back its kitten, watch the video below:

What would you do in this situation? Would you let the toddler have the kitten taken away by the mama cat, or would you intervene and help with taking the kitten away from the toddler?

Let us know your thoughts and pass this video on to your friends and family!