Malamute Can't Help But Say "Hello" To Everyone That He Passes

Huskies and Malamute breeds love to talk. A video last December showed a Malamute from the UK named Sherpa greeting every person he came across in public by howling. The video was posted on Sherpa's very own Youtube channel.

Did you know that it’s not only Huskies who communicate this way? Sherpa the Malamute does the same thing—and he’ll talk to whoever will listen. Here’s his story.

When Sherpa and his owner go out for walks, he resembles that one friend who won’t stop talking. He has something to tell everyone he passes by. People smile at the adorable furry friend as he says hello on the subway. In restaurants and cafes, he barks as though he were placing an order for himself.

Malamutes are among the dog species who love to talk. Along with Huskies, they look big and threatening, but really all they want is to make friends. People who meet up with Sherpa soon learn this; he doesn’t want to pick a fight, he wants to have a good chat! Don’t judge a dog by his size, because—like human beings—every dog has his own personality.

It so happens that Sherpa has a very friendly, sociable personality. He likes to break the ice and communicate. Even though humans can’t understand him, usually they’re happy to give him a belly rub and return the friendliness.

If you’re thinking of getting a “wolf-like” dog such as a Malamute or Husky, you’ll soon learn that they talk to their owners by howling. YouTube is full of videos featuring Huskies in conversation. You’ll be getting a new best friend who has a lot to say, and a peculiar way of saying it for a dog!

Dogs like Sherpa make going outside worth the hassle. Who doesn’t want to pet a cute dog when he passes by? When that dog talks to us, too, then it’ll make our day. We’re glad Sherpa’s owner shared his story so that we can all know about his friendliness.

The fact that different dogs have unique characteristics blows our minds. What dogs with unique quirks do you know? Pass this story on to someone who loves talkative pups.