Makeover Guy Laughs At Woman Before Giving Her New Redhead Look

Sep 04, 2020 by apost team

Laurel Shedeen was willing to drive from Hanover, Minnesota for a complete makeover from Christopher Hopkins of the MakeOver Guy team.

Although Laurel was a graduate of a beauty school and thought she knew all the tips and tricks of styling and putting on makeup, she learned that she was missing so much information after spending time with the MakeOver Guy team. She learned more in the hours with Christopher than in all her formal training at the school.

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In the initial interview before the big makeover, the team asked her what she wanted out of it. She shared that she wants to have 60 pounds off and look like Jennifer Aniston. This was only the beginning of a pretty hilarious journey.

The only thing Laurel found lacking were some mimosas. The team promised that they could deliver that as well. Laurel was shocked as she was only kidding with them. They weren't, though. Laurel was left ecstatic with the team willing to fulfill her every whish.

She entered the salon with a curly, flat, gray hair. Laurel even shared that she cut her own hair. She showed Christopher her method of cutting her own bangs with a rubber band. But Christopher couldn't help but laugh at her method.

After her complete transformation, Laurel said that she learned about styling when she was younger but did not use any of her knowledge now that she was older. She learned from Christopher how to style herself in an easier fashion that took less time. She got a new inspiration to look great again. Although she did not strive to look 30, she definitely did not want to look 70 either.

People commenting on the video shared how stunning she looks and how vivacious her personality came out with the makeover. People loved Laurel because besides looking amazing, she was also a very funny and lively character. The combination of funny and good-looking is a powerful one.

When asked what her husband would think about this, she shared a story from before. When she went out of beauty school, she had purple hair. If her husband could live with purple hair, he could definitely live with this new version of her.

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