Make A Cinder Block Bench

Jun 10, 2020 by apost team

There's a simple way to add some character to any back yard this summer. Around the country, people are starting to make simple cinder block benches that require no tools and very little time to construct. All that's needed is cinder blocks, bonding adhesive, and some 4 X 4 lumber. Best of all, these benches are also easy to take apart. That means that they can be easily stashed at the end of the season and protected from the elements. This is particularly important for the wooden slats.

Easy To Construct

One reason that people love this bench is that it's easy to make. One short video explains the whole process. It's clear that people are crazy about this simple DIY project. Among the viewers who've made these benches themselves, there are great tips for modifications. The comments show that people are confident about this project and feel really empowered to make it their own.

The most time-consuming part of this project is assembling the cinder blocks. They provide the structure for the bench, and the 4 X 4 lumber is threaded through their openings. That's because the blocks have to adhere together. They have to set overnight for this to really take. Unfortunately, there's no way around this step! It has to be done or the structure won't be stable. It's by far the longest part of the process. Apart from the adhesive, it takes less than one hour to assemble this bench.

Easy To Customize

The other great thing about this bench is that it's very easy to make it fit in with anyone's style. It's completely customizable. Some people put this bench in a firepit area. Others leave it in a greener place. Depending on what it will be used for, it can be accessorized with side tables, decorated with cushions, or simply left as is. Some people even decorate their benches with citronella candles or put tiki torches in the area.

What's your take on this simple DIY project? Are you going to try it? Be sure to pass this on to other crafty people you know!