Make 2019 Your Most Organized Year Yet With These 16 Tips

Dec 27, 2018 by apost team

Your space might already feel like organized chaos, but you can change that to just organized in 2019 with these 16 tips!

1. Get yourself a calendar and use it religiously.

Whether it's a monthly calendar, weekly calendar, or even a daily one, write all your appointments down. You'll feel more organized every time you look at it!

2. Organize your kitchen cabinets.

Organized cabinets will make your kitchen feel brand new for the new year. Try using creative storage solutions, like rotating spice racks or storage cubes to make every meal you cook a little easier.

3. While you're in the kitchen, organize your fridge, too.

Get storage bins for your fruits, vegetables, and soda cans. They'll make keeping your fridge clear of month-old leftovers so much easier.

4. Organize your bathroom cabinets with over-the-door hangers.

Tired of tangled up cords cluttering your bathroom cabinets? Over-the-counter storage will get your keep all of your hair tools straightened out and save you plenty of headaches in 2019.

5. Declutter your bathroom counters with makeup storage solutions.

If you're like most women, you probably have makeup scattered across your bathroom counter. Try investing drawer storage or on-the-counter storage to make getting ready in the morning a little easier.

6. Get rid of all those tea boxes with a tea storage box.

Tea boxes are one of the top reasons kitchen cabinets stay cluttered, so in 2019, try condensing all your tea bags into one box. Debenport

7. Plan out your meals for the week and shop ahead.

Planning ahead will not only save you time in the new year, but it could also help you keep your new year's resolution to live your healthiest life.

8. Make lists. A lot of them.

Try sectioning a notepad into three sections: tasks, errands to run, and communication. If you spend a couple of minutes each morning making the lists, you'll feel much more prepared to take on the day.

9. Find solutions that will help get all your clothes off the floor of your closet.

It might feel impossible to organize your closet, but there is a way. Pants hangers, hanging closet organizers, tree hangers, over-door organizers will transform your organized chaos into an organized paradise.

10. Get creative while organizing your front hall closet, too.

There are plenty of storage solutions out there, but our favorite involves a wall-hanger that will keep your brooms and mops from piling up in one corner.

11. Give your junk drawer a much-needed makeover.

In 2019, it's time to face your deepest, darkest fears, including that one drawer you shove everything into and have probably never cleaned out. There's plenty of ways to make sure it doesn't ever get that bad again. Drawer organizers and mail organizers could be your new best friends.

12. Make cleaning out your car a breeze.

Trunk organizers and over-the-seat organizers are your one-way-ticket to clutter-free road trips and adventures in the new year.

13. Download a finance app that will make sure your budget is on track.

Your wallet could use an organizational update too. Clearing old gift cards and rewards cards out of your wallet might give it a much-needed organizational update, but what would really help would be a finance

14. Organize your future adventures by getting new luggage and travel cubes.

Travel cubes are a lifesaver when it comes to planning Instagram-worthy outfits for all of your adventures. And as a late Christmas present to yourself, you could always invest in some brand new luggage!

15. Get your cords in order.

Nothing ruins a beautiful room or office like a bunch of rebellious white charging cords. In 2019, treat yourself to a charging station or cord organizer to declutter your space without sacrificing your phone's battery.

16. Read up on organization.

There are so many different systems of organization for every stage of your life. Whether you're just figuring out how to be an adult, a mom trying to contain her kids' messes, or an empty-nester trying to downsize, there is a book for you - so don't stop trying until you've found a method that fits!

Are you ready for 2019 to be your most organized year yet? Let us know in the comments and pass this article along to your friends and family to inspire them to declutter in the new year!