Maid Of Honor Wears T-Rex Costume To Sister's Wedding After She Was Told She Could Wear Anything

Many brides are notorious for being hard to deal with. They want everything and everyone to be absolutely perfect for their big day. The term “bridezilla” has sparked numerous stories and pictures about brides around the world who are picky, demanding, rude, and even downright impossible to deal with. However, this was nowhere near the case when it came to a recent wedding.

Christina Meador, a 38-year-old woman, was the maid of honor in her sister’s wedding. Deanna Adams, her sister, wasn’t at all picky about what she had to wear. In fact, she told her that she and the bridesmaids could wear whatever they wanted. That was when Christina had an amazing idea.

The maid of honor told The Daily Mail that when her sister texted her about being in the wedding, she started to think about what she could wear. She had always wanted a dinosaur costume, so she decided that she was going to spill her idea to her sister.

Surprisingly, Deanna seemed to be fine with the idea. That idea was to wear the dinosaur costume to the wedding.

Deanna kept her sister guessing during the months that led up to the wedding by suggesting other alternatives, including a Dr. Who costume. However, she stuck with the dinosaur costume the whole time. By the time the wedding rolled around, the maid of honor had decided to continue with her plan.

She bought the costume and informed everyone that she was still planning to wear it. She gave the bride many chances to shoot the idea down, but the feisty bride wasn’t going to back down.

That is the story of how one maid of honor walked down the aisle of her sister’s wedding in a huge dinosaur costume. When asked about the costume, Deanna said that it was “hot and hard to see.” Pictures were shared to Facebook and Reddit, and the story quickly went viral. Deanna said she was actually surprised at how much the post was liked and shared.

Deanna later took the dinosaur costume off and enjoyed the reception in the dress she wore underneath. We are betting that her sister and family will never forget what an amazing wedding day that was!

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