Luxurious Maldives Resort Is Searching For A Bookworm To Run Its Oceanside Bookshop

Dream jobs really do exist thanks to employment opportunities at luxury resorts like this one located in the Maldives.

Maldives Resort Is Offering A Dream Job To Barefoot Booksellers

How does it sound to get paid while hanging out at a luxury beachfront resort? It seems too good to be true, but it’s a reality. The Soneva Fushi resort in the Maldives is offering just that to any adventurous book lovers out there in the world. This could be the ultimate career aspiration for many would-be travelers on a budget.

The lucky candidate will get to spend half the year relaxing on an amazing island. The only catch is that you’ve got to know your stuff when it comes to selling literature to guests. The actual job title being offered is "barefoot bookseller," but you’ll do much more than stand behind a desk checking out customers.

This type of luxury employment requires a jack-of-all-trades type of individual. You’ll be hosting tons of fun writing classes that include teaching guests how to improve their creativity.

You’ll need to give insightful lectures on popular literature, and you’ll be required to manage some of the social media accounts owned by the resort. Does blog writing seem like something you’d be up for? It looks like a good deal when you take a look at this awe-inspiring slice of life.

The last employee spoke openly about her experiences on the island to the British tabloid, The Mirror. Aimée Johnson, the last barefoot bookseller, said,

"Being the Barefoot Bookseller was an absolute dream. I got to meet amazing people, work with incredible books and live on a stunning luxury island. Very much the dream job!"  

Johnson spent her six months getting to know lots of high-class guests, and she was able to recommend amazing pieces of literature to share with people from all around the globe.

If the testimonials about this place even scratch the surface on how amazing it really is, then seasonal job opportunities are a true breath of fresh air. Many resorts around the world offer similar positions temporarily. You might even find a few dream jobs near you that don’t require relocating. This opportunity comes with all the training you’ll need beforehand thanks to it being a part of the Ultimate-Library partnership program.

The best applicant will be flown out to start their new career in early October of this year. Just send in your cover letter to Ultimate-Library, and you could see those gorgeous sands for yourself!

Have you ever worked at a resort? Tell us about your experiences! Send this to the bookworm in your life.