Luke Bryan Notices Holes In Contestant's Shoes, Takes Off Own Boots And Makes Sweet Offer

Aug 13, 2019

Colby Swift didn't have an easy start to life. His mother walked out of his life nine years ago and never looked back. Colby and his younger sisters were raised by their father.

As a young man, he struggled with guilt for years. He wondered if he'd done something to drive his mother away. Young Colby eventually learned to channel his pain through his music.

After some encouragement from his father, Colby Swift decided to audition for American Idol. Luke Bryan took an immediate interest in the Texas native. During Colby Swift's initial audition, Bryan called him a tall drink of water. Swift joked around with the judges, exuding confidence rarely found in someone his age.

It was clear from the first strum of his guitar that Colby Swift is going places. His strong and clear country voice landed him a ticket to Hollywood, but the judges warned him that he needed polishing.

Colby took what the judges said to heart. He spent weeks practicing and walked out onto the Hollywood stage looking like an authentic country singer. He performed Freddy Fender ’s “Before the Next Teardrop Falls” wearing boots and a cowboy hat.

Swift wowed the audience with an English and Spanish version of the classic country song. The crowd was so moved by the performance that they gave the up-and-coming singer a standing ovation.

It wasn't until after Colby Swift finished singing that Luke Bryan noticed the contestant's boots. Colby's boots were practically falling apart. When he's not singing, Colby works on a farm to help support his family. Cowboy boots are not cheap, and Luke Bryan realized Colby probably couldn't afford a new pair.

What Bryan did next left Colby Swift in tears. The country superstar took off the boots he was wearing and gave them to Swift. The audience erupted into applause as Colby Swift moonwalked off the stage. He was already wearing his brand-new boots.

Luke Bryan joked that he hoped his boots would be a good luck charm and help Swift walk into the next round. Unfortunately, Colby Swift was eliminated later that day when he forgot the words to the Bruno Mars song "Grenade" during the group round.

Colby Swift's run on American Idol may be over, but we doubt it's the last we'll be hearing from this talented teen. What did you think of this kind deed? Let us know in the comments - and make sure you pass this along to your friends and family!