Luke Bryan Comes To Rescue Of Stranded Single Mom After Her Tire Blows Out

Aug 03, 2022 by apost team

It seems like people are always in the most inconvenient places whenever they have car troubles. It’s important to keep up with proper care and maintenance for your car, but it can be expensive at times. On top of that, sometimes the unexpected happens, and it’s nothing that anyone can really prepare for.

For one woman, she found herself to be in a pretty difficult situation when her tire blew out while she was driving on a curving road. She immediately had to stop her car once her tire blew out, resulting in her parking her car while still being on the road. A man driving a truck even almost ran into her car but fortunately managed to stay safe and even offered to help her out.

Courtney Potts from Columbia, Tennessee, was having a pretty rough day on Oct. 25, 2021, when her tire blew out while she was driving along a curve. Fortunately, someone stopped to help her, but she would never have expected it to be a celebrity.

It’s common for country music stars to live in Tennessee, especially close to Nashville, since it’s a bustling place for country music. There are plenty of places to perform at and several record producers in the area as well, making it a landmine for country music stars. Potts was shocked, to say the least, when none other than Luke Bryan pulled over to help her out with her flat tire. Like any fan would, Potts was sure to capture the entire moment on video to upload for all of her friends and family to see.

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Luke Bryan (2022), (Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

In the world of country music, Bryan is one of the best and brightest stars. His work as a singer, songwriter and performer has put him on top countless times on the charts and at award shows. So it’s easy to see why Bryan is a favorite among fans and critics.

Bryan was born Thomas Luther Bryan on July 17, 1976, in Leesburg, Georgia. He had plans of moving to Nashville when he was 19 years old, but those plans were put to the side when his family needed him following a tragic event. Instead, Bryan stayed in Georgia and attended college in Statesboro, graduating with a degree in business administration in 1999. Bryan finally moved to Nashville two years later and found success writing songs for other artists before becoming a country music star in his own right.

Today, many people know Bryan for being extremely down-to-earth and energetic, making him loved both on and off the stage. On top of that, he is also putting his musical knowledge to good use by helping aspiring singers.

When he’s not busy working, Bryan enjoys spending time with his family. However, his family has a unique story, as Bryan has biological children but is also raising some of his family members.

Bryan's young adult life was full of tragedies, each occurring a few years from the other. Regardless, Bryan learned to move on and made the best of his life. He has become a very generous celebrity and has been involved in plenty of charity work. So it’s not surprising that Bryan was willing to help a mom in need.

The Star Who Helped Her

What started off as a pretty frustrating day turned into one that Potts will never forget. The mother was driving in Columbia, Tennessee, with her children on Oct. 25, 2021, when her tire blew out, leaving it flat and useless. She stopped her car and knew that she needed help, but she never expected it to come from a famous celebrity.

Speaking with News4, Potts explained that Bryan had spotted her car and said that he almost even hit it before pulling over to help her. She recognized his voice right away as he told her that they needed to get her vehicle out of the road to keep everyone safe.

Bryan has been a megastar in country music for several years. He first began his career as an artist by writing songs for other performers such as Travis Tritt and Billy Currington before embarking on a singing career himself. It wasn’t long before Bryan was viewed as one of the legends in the industry, showing off his eclectic musical abilities. Some of his most popular songs include “Rain Is a Good Thing,” “Country Girl (Shake It for Me),” “Play It Again” and “I Don’t Want This Night to End.” He is also known for being a judge on “American Idol.”

Despite being such a huge star, Bryan has continued to enjoy the simpler moments of life, such as fishing and spending time with his family. More importantly, he has shown that he is still humble and even has time to help someone in need, like Potts and her flat tire.

Capturing The Moment

Potts uploaded a video on Instagram showing how Bryan helped fix her tire. The text overlay in the video said, “When my tire blows in a curve in small town TN who stops to change my tire? Luke Bryan! My life is made.” In the caption of her post, Potts wrote, “Thank you again @lukebryan I cannot thank you enough for helping me and my kids! It really made our day so much better!” 

Potts has continued to re-upload the video on her Instagram, clearly still blown away by the fact that Bryan stopped to help her. The clip showed Bryan loosening lug nuts and jacking her car up as he worked diligently to change her flat tire.

The original post has since been viewed more than 236,000 times and has received thousands of comments as well. Many people applauded Bryan for proving to be such a humble celebrity who genuinely cares about others. On top of that, he also proved that he stands by what he sings about in his songs.

One person commented, “He just seems like the kind of young man that would help anybody that needed his help and that’s a good thing. He’s not one of those stuck on himself, he still helps others.” Another person said, “Always loved that man and knew he had a wonderful heart!!”

Speaking with News4, Potts mentioned that Bryan left her with some useful advice after he changed her flat tire. “As soon as he got done changing the tire, he was like, ‘Yeah, go get new tires,’” she said.

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