Lucky Bus Driver Scratches To $1.2 Million Lottery Win While Waiting For Kebab

May 29, 2023 by apost team

Many people dream of winning lotteries, but only a few can boast of doing it. However, when a person wins a lottery, the joy is usually hard to describe because such occurrences are rare and usually life-changing. If used well, the money won through a lottery can help one achieve their dreams and, in some instances, set up businesses that will help them to generate revenue. 

It is not every day that people win million-dollar lotteries. However, Easter Monday, April 10, 2023, was bus driver Steve Goodwin’s lucky day as he won a £1 million lottery, equivalent to about $1.2 million. Goodwin, a Leicester native, scratched the lottery card outside the Co-OP in Holsworthy, Devon, while waiting for his kebab at a nearby store. His joy knew no bounds after discovering he was a millionaire. Unsurprisingly, his life has changed ever since, though he remains his humble self. 

Although Goodwin’s lottery win was due to luck, he is most deserving of it due to his wonderful character and personality. The 51-year-old is a bus driver and passed his bus driving test in 2022. Besides his job, which he loves so much, Goodwin has a partner, Heidi, and is a loving man to her and his mom. There is no doubt that the lottery win will bring so much positive changes to Goodwin and his loved ones’ lives. 

Continue reading to find out more about Goodwin’s incredible lottery win. Also, find out how he reacted to it and how he is using the money from his lottery to improve his life. 

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On Easter Monday, April 10, 2023, Steeve Goodwin, a Leicester native, bought a lottery scratchcard while shopping for bread. While waiting for his doner kebab to be ready, Goodwin scratched the ticket. 

After scratching his Bank The Cash lottery ticket, he found that the final number on it was 73 and hoped it meant he had won a large sum of money. The employees at the supermarket told Goodwin to get in touch with The National Lottery and notify them of his scratchcard. Afterward, he picked up his kebab and went home. In a chat with the Mirror, Goodwin narrated his emotional journey home. 

“I am not embarassed to say I shed a tear,” he said. 

At home, Goodwin asked to use his landlady’s landline. Goodwin’s landlady accepted he called the National Lottery. Following the call, Goodwin found out he was a millionaire and was shocked. Immediately, he called Heidi and his mom to tell them about it. However, none of them believed him, and he had to send pictures before they did. Goodwin also found it hard to believe. He revealed: 

“I couldn’t really believe it. I just sat there looking at it, holding it tightly.”

That night, he kept the scratch card safely under his pillow and went to work the next day. The bus driver, who drives for Go Cornwall, chuckled to himself as people hopped on the bus. He remarked: 

“There I was a bus driver, with a load of passengers on board, and nobody knows I’m a millionaire.”

Now a millionaire, Goodwin, who has always rented apartments, plans to buy a home with no mortgage. He also cleared off his and Heidi’s debts and will go on vacations with her. However, he plans to continue working and have an enjoyable retirement afterward.

What do you make of Goodwin’s story? Have you or anyone you know won a lottery before? How did it make you feel, and what did you achieve with the money? Let us know — and don’t forget to pass this on to friends and family. 

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