Luciano Pavarotti's Granddaughter Is Living Proof That Musical Talent Can Be Passed Down Through Generations

Sep 07, 2020 by apost team

Luciano Pavarotti is one of the most well-known opera singers to ever perform on stage. His star power afforded him the ability to become a crossover star in a genre of music usually enjoyed only by hardcore fans.

In this video from 2011, Pavarotti's granddaughter, Sislena Caparossa, shows that musical talent surely does run in families, as she performs a stunning song for a television performance.

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Pavarotti passed away eleven years ago but his legendary singing voice is still enjoyed daily by lovers of his music.

Opera lovers were recently introduced to the 15-year-old granddaughter of the opera legend. Sislena Caparossa has obviously inherited her grandfather's singing talent and has amazed onlookers with her recent performances. Fans have marveled at how such a powerful voice can come from such a sweet and innocent looking little girl.

Sislena burst onto the music scene in 2013 when she displayed her vocal gifts on a talent show aired in Italy. The audience was amazed by the 15-year-old's rendition of her grandfather's classic Nessun Dorma. Her performance so wowed the judges that they were unable to hold back the tears of joy they felt.

Sislena continues to amaze with her breathtaking performances. You should watch the 2017 performance that left audience members completely stunned. There is no doubt you will be equally impressed with her ability.

Luciano Pavarotti was able to turn Nessun Dorma into a cult classic that reached all genres of music lovers. It is quite possible that Sislena is on her way to doing the same for a new generation of music lovers. There is no doubt that Pavarotti would be proud of the talent exhibited by his granddaughter.

Sislena Caparossa has an extremely bright future before her. It is quite heartening for fans of her grandfather to know that despite his absence among us, that the amazing talent he possessed lives on in the future generations of his family.

Sislena Caparossa performing her grandfather's timeless classics is beautiful! Are you familiar with the work of Luciano Pavarotti? Send these videos to a friend that enjoys stellar singing talent. They will thank you for it.

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