Loyal Golden Retriever Protects Tearful Girl As She Is Being Told Off By Her Mom

Oct 16, 2020 by apost team

The bond between children and animals is a truly special one. When growing up together, pets and children find ways to support each other throughout their lives, be it cuddling with you when you have a bad day, to snarling at those that threaten your happiness. One story of a young girl, You You, from Xuzhou, China shows just how strong these bond can be. This video from October 2020 is sure to warm your heart. 

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This little girl in China has a life-long supporter and protector. When her frustrated mom began to scold her, her canine-in-shining-armor came to the rescue and protected the crying girl. 

In fact, the dog, Harry, named after J.K Rowling's titular character, snarled at the mom, Ms. Sun, as though telling her to "back off", reports Daily Mail


According to the mother, she had just bought facial cream for her daughter and left it in the living room as she went to the kitchen to prepare lunch. When she returned, Ms. Sun was exasperated to find that You You, her daughter, was playing with the tub of moisturizer and had destroyed the packaging.

'I was honestly really upset. I'd just bought the cream and half of it was already gone,' she said. 'My baby started crying because I was shouting at her quite aggressively.'

Harry also rises onto his forelegs and places his paws around her as if shielding her from any attacks. By this point, Ms.Sun's heart was already softened at the sight of their family pet protecting her daughter, and could not continue scolding.

'I was still upset but I thought it was also quite funny.' Ms Sun stated. 'It was very heart-warming. Dogs would find ways to express their love if you treat them properly.'

Dogs are truly wonderful creatures, and You You is lucky to have such a wonderful dog supporting her!

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