Loyal Dog Escaped From Owner’s Car But Stayed In The Same Roadside Spot For 4 Years

Aug 17, 2023 by apost team

It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend. But the story of a very loyal dog in Thailand from 2019 proved that one dog’s devotion to its owner was much deeper than anyone realized.

A dog named Bong Bong had escaped from his owner's car at a gas station one day, only to be found four years later sitting by the side of the road in the same spot every day, patiently waiting for him. Bong Bong’s owner was eventually found, but by then, the dog had different plans. 

In this unique story, a man named Anuchit Uncharoen spotted a frail-looking dog on the side of the road in the Mueang District of Thailand, so he questioned others in the area to find out what they knew about the animal. That is when he learned that the dog was being fed by a woman named Saowaluck Pinnuvech.

Pinnuvech told Uncharoen that she had been bringing food to the dog after an unsuccessful attempt to take the dog home to live with her. She told Anuchit that when she took the dog home, he simply escaped and returned to the area where she had found him. Pinnuvech also informed Uncharoen that the dog, dubbed Leo by the locals, had been hanging around in that same area for four years.

Surprised, Uncharoen decided to post a picture of Leo online and see if anyone recognized the dog. In September 2019, Uncharoen took to Facebook to share the story of the lost dog. Translated from Thai to English, the man explained that the dog had a “wound all over the body.” It was evident that the loyal dog had been through quite a lot.

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The Facebook post went on to read:

“And I feel touched and feel sorry for him. He sits and wait for his owner like this almost every day. But after watching, it will never be possible. If you know the owner, please tell me. I don't know what to do either.”

According to the Mirror, Pinnuvech said, “I found this dog since 2016, back then he was so skinny and he had skin lesions.”

Surprisingly, a woman by the name of Noi Sittisarn saw the post and stepped forward to say that the dog was hers and was named Bong Bong. The Mirror reported that Bong Bong had escaped from Sittisarn’s car at a gas station in 2015, not far from where the pup had been patiently waiting for the past four years.

“Me and my husband drove around to find him but we did not find him and we did not know where he could be,” she explained.

Even though Bong Bong was very excited to see Sittisarn, he learned, just as Pinnuvech had, that Bong Bong/Leo was no longer a house pet and preferred to remain in the area he had now begun to see as home. Sittisarn felt comfortable knowing that Bong Bong was in good care with Pinnuvech. 

“Due to her good care of the dog I believe she and the dog will be happy together but I would like her to keep the dog in her house,” she said.

Pinnuvech promised to care for the dog, and Sittisarn vowed to visit him frequently.


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