Adorable Golden Retriever Won't Allow Man To Touch His Wife

Bailey the Golden Retriever is a dog with his own Youtube channel. While there are many entertaining and comedic videos of Bailey, one video shows that the dog also knows how to protect his owners–even if it means protecting one from the other. The two-year-old pup doesn't let this husband even touch his wife without trying to protect her.

When it comes to looking after his owners, Bailey the Golden Retriever will take some persistent measures to ensure his owners' safety. In one of the Youtube pup's videos, Bailey shows how he even protects one owner from the other. As the husband of the pair tries to touch his wife's foot, Bailey gives his dad a serious look to let him know that he means business.

As Bailey's dad eggs the pup on, Bailey gets up to protect his mom from her husband's advances. Bailey even goes to the lengths of gently putting his mom's foot in his mouth so his dad has no way of touching it. The couple laughs as Bailey's guard-dog behavior continues.

As the husband puts his hand on his wife's leg, Bailey lets out a few barks to warn him against trying any more tricks. Bailey is set on keeping his mom safe.

Because his dad seems to have not gotten the message, Bailey lets out a few more barks as he sits on top of his mom to protect her. Bailey even stares sternly at his dad to remind him that he's not kidding.

Even after barking at his dad for touching his own wife, Bailey and his male owner are still friends. Although Bailey is protective of his mom, he still cuddles his dad before returning to his guard-dog duties. 

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