Louis Armstrong’s 1967 Performance Of ‘Wonderful World’ Has Viewers Remembering Life's Beauty

Jun 29, 2020 by apost team

Louis Armstrong's What A Wonderful World has become such a landmark of culture, it can be hard to believe there was a time without it. Despite its ubiquity, it hasn't become stale. Armstrong's words and passion can be so deftly felt in every verse and chorus in this 1967 performance. 

One of the best ways to experience the song is by seeing Armstrong as well as hearing him. In this video of Armstrong performing the song live, you can see why he was such a beloved presence.

Singing on-stage in a blue suit with a backing band, Armstrong is feeling the power of his words and spreading it to the crowd. In the comments, people are talking about how much the song means to them and how touched they are by Armstrong's performance.


There was almost a world in which Armstrong wasn't given this song, as well as one where it didn't become as much of a standard. The song was first pitched to Tony Bennett. When he declined it, the raspy voice of Armstrong got to put these words into a beautiful and distinct realm.

However, efforts to promote it were all but non-existent, causing it to flop in America. Across the pond, it became a hit. In Britain, the song was number one for a month. Soon enough, it was reaching ears all over and bringing people to tears.

Anyone who hears this song should be able to recognize why it's so iconic. As hard as it is to imagine there was a time when its reputation was anything but unanimous adoration, knowing the journey it went through can make it even more heartwarming.

Today, this song can be heard in film and television. There are also numerous covers in different styles. No version, no matter how good, can compare with what Louis Armstrong renders. He is unfortunately no longer here in body, but the power of this song helped to ensure he would always be here in spirit.

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