Loud Fart Gives Away Suspect's Location To Police Following Chase

Imagine being a police officer looking for a suspect or suspects on a foot chase in a wooded area on May 7, 2020, and having no idea where he or they could be hiding. Although one 30-year-old man did manage to escape, he was later discovered behind a fireplace at a nearby property.

The other wanted 35-year-old fugitive “blew” his cover by “letting rip” a loud fart and giving away his hiding place behind a bush! He was immediately taken to Mansfield Custody. The law enforcement officials reported the incident on their West Bassetlaw Police Facebook page.


PC Fenton of the West Bassetlaw Police stated: "I was almost out of wind running but luckily the suspect still had some. I heard him letting rip and followed the noises to a bush," as reported in their Facebook post. The offender was wanted on account of two matters. This happened in Harworth, a small town in Nottinghamshire in England's East Midlands. 


istockphoto.com/Ranta Images

The BBC reported that the reason for the man's arrest was for "failing to appear at court" while the other 30-year-old man was "arrested in relation to other matters." It's already positive that the police were able to catch them both, but it's even better that they have such a ridiculous story to tell about the capture. It will no doubt be brought up time and time again at the police station.


Farts are common and occur to everyone throughout the day, although it was certainly bad timing for the unnamed fugitive. He must have been mortified, not only at the embarrassment of letting out a loud fart, but the fact that it got him caught by police is doubly hilarious and unfortunate.

The West Bassetlaw Police kept ripping fart jokes (no pun intended) in their Facebook post adding, "wanted man almost gone with the wind."


Do you know of any similar stories about unusual police chases or how suspects were caught or if someone was discovered after giving off “gas”? If so, please tell us about all the details so we can bring a smile to other readers' faces!