Lost Puppy Trembling In Street - Goose Approaches And Cuddles Him With Her Wings

While humans are certainly interesting creatures, there are so many more inspiring characters in the animal kingdom. Although humans like to separate themselves from the wild, it is clear that some similarities exist between all animals.

There are often videos made about unlikely friendships that occur between two different species. These videos and pictures paint a beautiful picture of two unlikely friends that put their differences aside in the name of companionship. This is one of those inspiring stories.

Unlike many other animal friendships, this story involves a puppy and a bird. The dog found warmth and safety during inclement weather with the wings of a kind bird. Snopes reports that the event took place earlier this year when a polar vortex hit the United States. A pedestrian discovered a duck or goose caring for a cold dog.

Suzanne Padapetra posted about the event on Facebook. She described that the man found the duck cradling a puppy during the cold weather. The event took place in Montana and has been turned into a popular social media story. Suzanne commented on her post that humans have a lot to learn from these kind animals.


Human behavior exists in a spectrum from altruism to evil. While there are many people who will sacrifice their own well-being to help others, there are still many humans that are mean and selfish. There is still too much intolerance and hatred in the world today. This goose decided to set aside any differences between her and the puppy.

Instead, she allowed her maternal instincts to dictate her actions in the situation. She didn't want the poor dog to suffer from the cold weather. The goose covered the puppy to the best of her abilities in an effort to keep him warm and safe. This is the same behavior that would be seen between a goose and her own children.

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