Lost Four-Year-Old Found In The Woods After Two Days With Her Dog Protecting Her

Evelyn Sides, the four-year-old who was found on Friday after going missing in an Alabama woodland for two days in March with her pet dog, has told her story of how she was eventually found.

Losing a child isn’t anything you’d wish anyone, including your worst enemy. The idea of dealing with a missing child case is unbearable for any parent.

For Evelyn “Vadie” Sides’ family, whose four-year-old daughter vanished, it’s been a tough two days before they managed to bring her back home. The four-year-old Evelyn was brought home, safe and sound and reunited with her family thanks to a team of hardworking police officers, her family, and local volunteers who refused to sit and do nothing.

On March 25, what seemed like a quiet and normal day would turn hectic for young Evelyn and her nanny. The duo was taking a walk in the woods when Evelyn went into a different direction and was declared a missing person.


The nanny reported to the authorities the events of the day, and after being declared a missing person’s case, police officers embarked on a mission to save the young girl. Hundreds of volunteers dedicated their precious time to join the search party alongside helicopters and search dogs.

After separating from her nanny, Evelyn’s pet hound dog followed the young girl. Evelyn was lucky to have a companion in the woods, as her pet hound dog protected her and even boosted her by finding help. Through barking and the information given by the nanny that Evelyn was in the company of her dog, it made things a little easier for the search and rescue team to trace the barking dog.

The Police Department turned to Facebook as a source of information and posted a description of Evelyn. The Facebook post also narrated some information about Evelyn’s pet hound dog, citing that the dog accompanied her. The post was conclusive and well described to equip Lee County’s residents with sufficient information about the girl and her dog. The post stated:

“She may be accompanied by a hound dog, reddish in color with a collar. An ALEA state helicopter is also in the area for search operations.”

Evelyn is a strong and brave young girl who didn’t let the unfamiliar territories and situation frighten her. Evelyn’s family posted a video on Facebook announcing to everyone following her story that the young girl was no longer missing and that she had been found. The video captures the four-year-old narrating her two-day adventure in the woods with seamlessly no qualms.

Evelyn said:

“We took a walk, but then I got too fast and got running and got lost, and then I started calling for nanny, but nanny was too far.”

Thanks to her pet hound dog, Lucy, who was probably Evelyn’s greatest source of strength and companionship, the young girl made it through the two days. The thought of staying out in the wild for the whole night must be scary and frightening for many people, let alone a four-year-old. But for this four-year-old, she survived a whole two nights before being rescued.

Evelyn continued to narrate:

“I slept by a road the first night, and the second night, I slept where they found me.”

As it was expected, with two days and two nights all alone in the woods, young Evelyn was dehydrated when the search team found her. However, Lee County Sheriff, Jay Jones, assured the residents and Evelyn’s family that she was safe and sound other than being dehydrated.

Evelyn drunk some water and ate some snacks to re-energize and hydrate her. The Sheriff added, “the best part of this whole thing was getting to see this child reunited with her parents. Ecstatic may not be a good enough word. It was extremely emotional.”

From the Sheriff’s office, Andrew Peacock had something to say:

“The dog was with her protecting her the whole time.”

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend, and Lucy demonstrates it all through Evelyn’s adventure in the woods. Evelyn commended herself for staying calm and said, “I was brave.”

With the energy of a four-year-old girl, would you have made it through two nights alone in the woods? Everyone deserves to hear about this young brave little girl who might be our world’s youngest wonder woman. Why don’t you send the story to your loved ones and let them know what Lucy and Evelyn went through?