Lost Dog Waits In Same Spot For 4 Years Until His Owners Came Back

Dec 03, 2019 by apost team

It is often said that a dog is man’s best friend. But the story of a very loyal dog in Thailand is proving that one dog’s devotion to its owner was much deeper than anyone realized.

When a man named Anuchit Uncharoen spotted a frail-looking dog on the side of the road in the Mueang District of Thailand, he questioned others in the area to find out what they knew about the animal. That is when he learned that the dog was being fed by a woman named Saowalak Pinnuchawet.


Saowalak told Anuchit that she had been bringing food to the dog after an unsuccessful attempt to take the dog home to live with her. She told Anuchit that when she took the dog home, he simply escaped and returned to the area where she had found him. Saowalak also informed Anuchit that the dog, dubbed Leo by the locals, had been hanging around in that same area for four years.

Surprised, Anuchit decided to post a picture of Leo online and see if anyone recognized the dog. Surprisingly, a man by the name of Noi saw the post and stepped forward to say that the dog was his and was named BonBon. BonBon had escaped from Noi’s car at a gas station in 2015 not far from where he had been patiently waiting for the past four years.

Even though BonBon was very excited to see Noi, he learned just as Saowalak had, that BonBon/Leo was no longer a house pet and preferred to remain in the area he had now begun to see as home. Noi vowed to visit him frequently and Saowalak and other locals will continue to feed and care for Leo.

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