Lose A Few Pounds In 2 Weeks Using These 13 Simple Techniques

Oct 02, 2018 by apost team

Losing weight is all about how much effort you put in. Here is a list of methods to help you lose weight easier, faster, and more fun.

1. Don't Sleep In

When you're trying to lose weight, chances are you're also trying to get enough rest to help your body recover from a workout or two. While sleep is important, you can help yourself shed some extra weight by ignoring the urge to sleep in. There's a higher risk your body will not only crave more food but crave food that's high in salt and sugar when you decide to sleep in past 11 AM or so.


2. Keep Your Teeth Extra Clean

A recent study proved that brushing your teeth more often throughout the day helped people lose weight. If you're looking for a low-effort way to lose a few extra pounds, this is it. When food gets caught in our teeth so does the taste. The taste of food in your mouth subconsciously makes you crave more food. By keeping your teeth clean, your actually helping your brain realize that feeding time is over.

3. Have A Good Sense Of Humor

Did you know laughing for over ten minutes throughout the day may help you burn over 100 extra calories? It's true--laughing is a workout. As a matter of fact, laughing utilizes the abdominal and facial muscles, and burns a similar amount of calories as going for a short walk. Staying jolly can really help you lose more weight.

4. Hydration Is Key

Research has uncovered a somewhat secret power water has on our body: it speeds up our metabolism. By staying hydrated--and actually drinking more water than you normally would--your body will work harder to keep the metabolism going, which in turn helps your body lose more weight. If you want to lose weight in just a couple weeks, consider drinking an extra glass of water or two throughout the day.

5. Train Harder, Not Longer

During an exercise, some people prefer to give a constant amount of effort throughout the entire workout. While running, for example, many runners pace themselves. However, when you want to lose weight, it's important to increase the tempo and energy of your workout in order to burn more calories. That might mean increasing the pace, or the amount of weight, on a particular exercise, while also providing your body with more recovery time. Think of it as smaller bursts of more rigorous workouts.

6. Decrease Meal Size, But Increase Number Of Meals

We're all accustomed to the three meals of the day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However, new research suggests that having more meals of smaller portion sizes might play a critical role in weight loss. Eating a small amount of food more often might actually help our body monitor insulin levels. Lower insulin levels might play a role in how much sugar our body is able to store.

7. Dim Your Phone/Electronics Before Bed

Another quick tip to speed up your metabolism: dim your phone when you use it for bed and, if possible, take away the blue light completely. For some reason, a bright backlight might send signals to your brain that it's not quite time to go to bed. By reducing the brightness of your electronics you'll increase the amount of melatonin your brain produces, which allows you to sleep better.

8. Don't Get Caught Counting Calories

When you count calories, you might be reducing your body's intake of healthy calories. For example, fast foods are all high-calorie foods that are also very unhealthy. Nuts and healthy grains are also high in calories, but are actually healthy for you. Rather than counting calories, be sure the quality of your food is healthy first.

9. Stay Cool

It makes sense: our bodies burn more fat when we're cold because it's working so hard to stay warm. Well, by keeping your house and room at a cool temperature, you'll actually kickstart the bodies break down of fat cells, and lose more weight. Specifically, white fat cells are what's considered "bad fat." In a recent study, it was proven that some men had a decreased level of white fat cells after staying in cooler rooms throughout the week.

10. Don't Take Naps

Lots of people enjoy resting, sleeping, and napping during the day in favor of a night time work out routine. However, one study suggests that this type of schedule is not ideal when you want to lose weight. To prove this, researchers in Colorado studied what happened when people napped throughout the day. Those who didn't nap had a higher success rate or losing fat, while those who napped had a harder time losing weight. So if you're a napper looking to lose weight, consider not napping.

11. Cheat Days

Everybody who's ever been on a diet has dealt with cheating: eating that piece of chocolate, or ordering that pizza, and completely forgetting their healthy diet. However, by purposefully rewarding yourself once a week with a cheat meal, you actually trick yourself into a "risk-reward" system. When you know you'll be rewarded with a cheat meal, you'll naturally have an easier time following your diet.

12. Reduce Stress

Stress has negative side effects on our metabolism. Not only are our metabolisms weakened through stress, but we're also more likely to crave and binge on salty, sugary, unhealthy foods. By taking efforts to reduce our stress, we'll have happier thoughts and feel more inclined to stick with whatever diet routine we have in place. Our metabolisms will speed up, and we'll be able to reduce our weight easier.

13. Get Enough Rest

Not only does sleeping in complicate weight loss, but so does not getting enough sleep. It's important to stick to a healthy sleep schedule of 8 hours, waking up no later than 7AM-8AM, in order to keep our metabolisms healthy and working fast.

Are your fitness tips same as the above? What do you do to remain healthy? Tell us in the comments below.

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