Lorrie Morgan's Heartwarming Song About Lost Love At The American Music Awards Moved Everyone

The American Country Music Awards has witnessed some of the most legendary performances in the history of country music.

Artists like Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, George Strait, and more have all graced the ACM's stage and have been awarded their share of significant awards as well. When considering all of the outstanding performers that have performed at the AMC's, one singer, in particular, comes to mind.

Lorrie Morgan, a rising country music star in 1994, gave the performance of a lifetime.


Starting her career off when she was 13, Morgan was a natural singer. Coached by her father George Morgan, a country legend in his own right, Morgan's debut performance was at the famed Grand Ole Opry. This performance was to foreshadow her future success.

Between 1989 and 2017, Morgan has released a total of 15 albums. One of which featured the hit single, "Five Minutes".

During the 29th ACM's, Alan Jackson, country star, introduced Morgan with her beautiful back story. As soon as Morgan arrives on stage, a soft piano melody begins. The talented singer graces the stage in a shimmery gown. She starts to sing the hauntingly beautiful song.

Noting the pain and beauty behind the song, Jackson noted that the song was "for anybody who's ever lost a loved one."

"I hope God knows, if He let you go, I'd never send you back," Morgan sings. Her passionate vocals fit perfectly with the heart-stirring lyrics. As she continued to sing, the audience was spellbound. While she performed the song, everyone in the audience could tell that the lyrics were incredibly personal to the singer.

Many even thought the song to be written about the singer Keith Whitley, Morgan's husband that died in 1989.

What a touching and heartbreaking story! What do you think of her incredible performance? Watch the video for yourself and leave your comments below! Don't forget to send this beautiful musical act to your friends and family as well!