Long Haired Man Fed Up Being “Creepy Old Guy” Gets Makeover And Doesn't Even Recognize Himself

Although change is necessary for personal growth and positive transformation, many people are uncomfortable with doing things differently. It is easy for people to become accustomed to a particular way of life, perspective, or even style of dress. Even the smallest changes can seem drastic. However, it is important for people to step out of their comfort zones in order to spark change and spur growth.

One man was eager to create a change in his life that had become confined to his normal habits and routines. More specifically, this man was inspired by his aunt to get a haircut. While this may not seem like a drastic change to most people, this man had been growing his hair and beard for years.

After the transformation, this man could barely recognize his appearance. He looked and felt like a completely different individual.


Frankie is a 65-year-old actor from New York City who has been working in the entertainment industry for several decades. Frankie has had a steady career acting in many supporting roles.

Despite his constant success as an actor, Frankie is tired of being cast as the same character. His unchanging hairstyle has encouraged many directors to cast Frankie as the 'old, homeless man' character.

With his long hair and disheveled beard, it's not surprising that Frankie has fallen into this typecast. In fact, his beard often gets stuck in the zipper of his jacket because of its impressive length.

Frankie's Aunt Francie has always supported his acting career. The 100-year-old relative recently convinced Frankie to undergo a transformation in order to spark a change in his casting pattern. As a major fan of the Rachael Ray Show, Aunt Francie was able to get her nephew Frankie a makeover on television.

When Frankie was interviewed on the show, he admitted that the "creepy, old guy" style wasn't helping him land any dates. He was hoping that the makeover would make this process a bit easier. Frankie was brought onto the show to undergo an incredible makeover.

When the new Frankie walked onto the stage, the entire audience erupted in applause.

The before-and-after photos were unrecognizable. Frankie looked like a totally different person.

When Frankie turned around to see his new appearance, he could hardly speak.

The 65-year-old actor started to get emotional at the drastic change. His long hair and scruffy beard were nowhere to be seen. Instead, Frankie was given a clean shave and a stylish haircut. Instead of wearing a flannel shirt and jeans, the actor was sporting a formal jacket and stylish pants.

Watch the video below to see his amazing transformation:

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