Lone Horse Has Been Taking Herself On Walks Alone Daily For 14 Years With Note Hanging From Her Neck

Oct 17, 2020 by apost team

Jenny is a free-roaming horse that goes for a stroll every morning in Frankfurt, Germany. During the coronavirus outbreak, she has continued her daily walks to the delight of citizens who love to go up to the adventurous horse to hug and pet her.

There are some things in this world that are too hard to explain or comprehend. We assume that animals don't have feelings and act on impulse. That's why you will hear some people say, "stop acting like animals" to human beings who behave badly. However, this is not always the case.

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In Frankfurt, Germany, there is a white female horse by the name Jenny that goes on strolls every morning. According to AFP, she is not accompanied by her owner because they are too old to ride her. She leisurely walks the streets and neighs to people who she knows and sees every day. Some of them pat her on the head and give her treats.

So that she doesn't scare anyone that doesn't know her, the owner always attaches a note on her halter. The note tells whoever sees the horse that Jenny is just going on a stroll and won't hurt them. Interestingly, she has been doing her morning strolls for 14 consecutive years without any bad incidents.


Despite this fact, there are people that still call the police whenever they see her roaming the streets for the first time. The local authorities also know about her, and they try their best to keep an eye on things for the worrying residents.

Those that know Jenny love her as one of theirs. In fact, someone wrote her a poem and attached it to the halter. The poem describes Jenny's morning walks in the most humane way. According to the poem, Jenny takes the same path that her master used to take when they rode together.

Since the owner can no longer join her, she takes the walk for both of them. It's her way of showing the owner that she still cares and remembers the good times that they had together.

The owner opens the gate for Jenny and waits for her to return from her walks every day. There's always a smile whenever he sees his old horse return from the long walk.

There's a vet that checks Jenny regularly to make sure that she is always in good health. This story is both bizarre and very touching. It just goes on to show the unbelievable bond that pets have with their owners.

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