London Female Pickpocket Gang Caught Redhanded On Camera Stealing Tourist's Purse

You often believe that you will be safe from harm as long as you are in a group. Everyone believes that you will only get robbed if you are walking home alone late at night in the dark. You read about it time and again, right? However, pickpockets do not have to use the darkness to cover their tracks. That is evident in the video below.

A group of young women was walking around London when the video was taken. In it, you can see the group of women waiting for the light to turn so they can cross the street. As they cross, they talk and laugh, unaware of what is about to happen. That's because most people do not think they are going to get robbed in the middle of a busy street, but that is exactly what occurred to these unfortunate women.

As they get to the other side of the street, one of the women realizes that something is wrong. Turning to her friend, you can tell they realize that they have been robbed. The video then starts over from the beginning, this time in slow motion. The video circles the three women who are part of the robbery.

As you watch the video in slow motion, it stops here and there to show you just how the gang of women robbed these two ladies. They were extremely smooth about pulling out their purses without the women knowing. In fact, if there wasn't a video of the incident, the women would have never known when they had been robbed. The pickpockets can be seen quickly walking away from the scene of their crime.

It is quite apparent that the gang of pickpockets has been robbing unfortunate pedestrians for some time. They seem to have the skills and quickness to pull off a pickpocket in a crowd of people. Unfortunately for them, this time they were caught on video. Viewers can clearly see their faces as they lift the purses of these two unsuspecting women. You can watch the video for yourself below. Make sure to watch it in slow motion to see just how talented the gang is.

We hope that someone knows at least one of these women and will come forward about their identity.

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