Local Superhero Rushed Into Burning Home To Rescue 2 Kids And Ended Up With Major Burns, Says He'd Do It Again

Jan 24, 2023 by apost team

Bravery comes in many forms. Others may think that being brave is just finally doing the things you were scared to do for the people you love or just going through a particularly tough time. But a 38-year-old man from South Africa proved in July 2021 that bravery and heroism exist even if it means putting your own life at risk. 

As years have gone by, the idea of a superhero barging into a burning building seems to be superficial and outlandish for many, especially children. It has become a rather peculiar idea that someone high and mighty would risk their life just to save complete strangers. 

However, Zikhaya Sithole shocked many when a previous encounter triggered his natural instincts to help other people – which many considered to be a very selfless act despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him. 

According to News 24, Sithole had just finished doing his grocery shopping with a friend of his when he stopped after hearing a screaming lady pleading for help as she witnessed her own home consumed by a fire. 

Sithole went toward the screaming lady, who turned out to be a distressed mother asking for help as her kids were left inside her home, which was then engulfed in fire. 

Knowing that there were children stuck inside the home, Sithole did the unimaginable and grabbed his hat and placed it on his face as he braved the scorching heat of the burning building to rescue the children inside. 

As soon as Sithole entered the house, he was faced with an insurmountable task to save a crying 1-year-old and a 2-year-old inside. 

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As the building continued to be consumed by the roaring flames, Sithole did everything he could to save the two children. After picking up the first child, he then rushed outside to get the kid to safety. Tragically, despite his heroic efforts, Sithole was only able to save one of the children.

“When I got inside the shack, I heard the children crying. I grabbed the child who was on the bed and ran out, but when I wanted to go back for the other one, the flames were too strong,” said Zikhaya in a Daily Sun article, as quoted by The Zambiano Observer.

Due to the adrenaline rush, Sithole did not realize how burnt and scorched his body was until he returned home, News 24 reported. Mapasakea Monareng, Sithole’s partner, was stunned after seeing him come home charred. She immediately called his relatives and emergency services as she tried to take off Sithole’s clothing. 

Eventually, he was treated for the serious burns he had sustained. However, the impact of the injuries on his body was permanent. He is now left with burns on his face, lost eyesight and very wounded hands, which has kept him from returning to his previous work as a welder. 

But when asked if he regretted doing what he did, Sithole did not waver and said that he would do it again if faced with a similar situation. 

Many have praised Sithole for his heroism. He was even nominated for a Mendi Decoration for Bravery award, a prestigious recognition for South African citizens who have performed an incredible act of bravery that placed their lives in danger. 


What can you say about Zikhaya Sithole’s bravery? Do you agree that he is a hero? Do you think people like him should be honored in a particular way? Let us know, and pass this on to your family, friends and other loved ones!

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