Local Policeman Saves The Day After No One Shows Up To Bullied Kid's Party

Kids suffer when they are victims of bullying. Sadly, bullying is impossible for some children to avoid when they grow up. Other kids employ bullying to build up their self-esteem. They lack the empathy to realize how hurtful their actions are to their peers. So, it is up to adults and authority figures to step in and lend a helping hand. A police officer in Grand Rapids, Michigan did just that.

Thomas Daniel tried to catch his school bus one morning, but couldn't make it in time. Officer Lynema happened to pass by and saw the youngster was now stuck walking to school. The friendly police officer chose to give Thomas a ride.

During the trip, Daniel invited the officer to attend his birthday party the next day. Thomas confided an unfortunate secret to the officer.

Thomas admitted he was a victim of bullying, and the bullying issue might lead his schoolmates to skip out on the birthday party.


The officer took the young man up on his invitation and made an appearance at the birthday party.

Unfortunately, Thomas's predictions about no one from school showing up proved true. Only Thomas's family members were there.

The sparsely attended birthday party moved Officer Lynema. The next day, Officer Lynema returned to Thomas's house with a few of his friends from the precinct. They brought a cake, some presents, and even sang a song. The display proved memorable to Thomas. He commented this birthday turned out to be his best one ever.

The story of Thomas's birthday party likely brings a tear to your eye. Don't lose sight of the happy ending, though. Let your friends know about the inspiring, hopeful story.