Local Hiker Rescues Dog That Was Trapped At The Bottom Of A Cave In The Woods For 3 Weeks

Walking through the woods can be peaceful and serene for many people. That is one reason why Joe Dunn, owner of the website Florida Trailblazer, often heads out into the wilderness. However, on one particular hike, Joe was faced with a decision to spring into action or walk away. 

Joe shares as much as he can on his website. He loves to talk about all of his experiences while educating others about the wilderness. He enjoys taking the paths and trails that are not as well-known to others. However, he had no idea that doing so would lead him to rescue a lost animal. But that is just what happened one amazing day in the woods.


While he was hiking this past June, Joe heard a sound that was completely unlike any he heard before in the woods. He described it as eerie and mournful, saying it was a sound you don’t want to hear. He decided to investigate where the sound was coming from.

As he listened carefully, he ended up coming upon a cave. He stated that he was shocked to find a cave right in the middle of all of the wilderness. Once he got to it, he realized that the mournful sounds were coming from a trapped dog.

The poor dog had gotten trapped in the cave and was unable to get out by itself. Joe would later learn that the dog had been trapped there for three whole weeks. Joe knew he couldn’t rescue the dog alone, so he turned to social media for help. Climbers who heard of the situation quickly offered their help to rescue the dog. 

The rescue team repelled down into the cavern to rescue stuck animal. 

“She was trying to get our attention,” Dunn said to WFLA, "She looked up at us, trying to jump through the cavern, trying her best.”  

When they finally got her out, Joe said she was extremely happy and excited. She rolled around on the grass trying to get her belly rubbed, they fed her and gave her water which she ate while wagging her tail the whole time. 

 Luckily, the lost dog was wearing a collar with information on her owners. The rescuers discovered the dog's name was Sally. They quickly called Sally's owner to tell them that she had been found.

You can watch the daring rescue for yourself below:

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