Little Rescue Rat Loves To Snuggle With His Giant German Shepherd Companion

Nuka is a black German Shepherd from Victoria, Australia that loves all animals. In April of 2020, Nuka's family adopted a little rat that was gray and white named Blue. Surprisingly, Blue the rat became a part of Nuka's household and one of the dog's best friends.

Nuka the German Shepard

Most dogs and rodents would have issues, but because Nuka was taught at a young age to love all animals big or small, they became best friends instantly. Blue would always try to find Nuka whenever Blue had the chance. Nuka was trained with other animals including birds and reptiles, so this rodent may have been a new pet to Nuka, but Nuka already has the training to work with small animals. Blue the little rat will try to find Nuka and play in his fur, and in return, Nuka will snuggle with Blue and clean the rat. They get along very well, as you will see on Nuka's Instagram.

Blue the Little Rat

Nuka and Blue are inseparable. They are best friends regardless of if Nuka is a dog or Blue is a rat. This friendship of two animals that usually wouldn't like each other may show that animals that aren't friends can be friends! Luckily, his owner seems to have trained Nuka well. When the owner comes in the door with another small animal, she teaches him to lay down to reduce the stress of introducing foreign animals to each other.

Nuka and Blue's Friendship

Nuka, ever since he was a puppy, was shown other animals and learned how to interact nicely with them and befriend them as his Instagram account shows. Blue is a very smart rat and filled with curiosity. Blue came from a pet store that was struggling to stay open and finally had the chance to be adopted and find a new home. Blue and Nuka had no idea that they were meeting each other, but when they met they instantly became friends.

What We Can Learn From the Little Rat and the German Shepherd

Nuka and Blue's friendship is inspiring in many ways. It can show us that anybody can befriend anyone regardless of who they are. We are all the same in so many ways.

Nuka and Blue's friendship should encourage us to go out and make friends with people that aren't like us. It's a very inspiring friendship that everyone can learn from. With Nuka's wisdom that his owner passed down since he was a puppy, and with Blue's curiosity to seek friendships with other animals, they became the best of friends.

What do you think of Nuka and Blue's friendship? Do you know of any similar interspecies friendships? Let us know and pass this on to fell animal lovers.