Little Kid Wants Father's Permission Before Falling Asleep In The Backseat Of The Car

Anyone who has children knows just how difficult it can be to get them to go to sleep. Most kids fight against sleep no matter how tired they are. They seem to think that if they fall asleep that they will miss some big moments in their lives.

They will fight and rebel to the bitter end, leaving parents worn out and exhausted. No one wants to deal with an over-tired toddler, but they often make it difficult for parents.

This is usually the case when it comes to being put down for a nap. A child who has been playing with fun toys or out at the park is never going to want to stop. No, they will want to continue playing for as long as they possibly can.

Some kids even play until they literally fall over asleep wherever they are. It’s pretty funny to watch how much children will fight to stay awake!

That is why this particular video is one of the best videos we have ever seen online. We love watching kids fight to stay awake, even when it is clear that they are about to pass out. Little do they know that taking a nap is a favorite pastime of basically every adult in the world. We can’t wait to get an hour or two!

The little boy in the video is seen in his car seat. You can tell that he obviously had a pretty exciting day. He is struggling to keep his eyes wide open as talks to his dad. His father had noticed that he is really worn out and decided to start recording the adorable encounter. We are glad that he did- it is too cute for words!

This sweet child can only answer “yeah” as his father talks to him. What makes our hearts swell is the way his little voice sounds and the look in his tired eyes. His father tells him that it is okay for him to go to sleep. That was all he needed to hear! The little boy is basically out before his amused father can even finish the whole sentence.

You can watch the whole thing below. Be prepared to laugh!

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