Little Girl’s Tender Dance With Baby Brother Warms Hearts

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

A video shared by Youtube user Ashley Caruso back in 2012, shows an adorable moment between a baby boy and his big sister. As the little brother lays on his big sister's shoulders being gently rocked back and forth to some music playing the background, he has no idea just how much she loves him. She moves her head back so she can look in his little face and give him a big smile. She gently kisses him. Even though she is little herself, her heart is very big and it is full of love that can be visibly seen as she cradles him.

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One can clearly see that this big sister takes her role as assistant caretaker very seriously. It is not a burden to care for him, but a role she cherishes. This may change when she's a teen and wants to be with her friends, but for now, she is loving, gentle, and patient with him.

In the video, the little girl can be seen dancing and singing with her brother in tow. She is very observant about his positioning and makes physical adjustments when necessary to make sure he is comfortable. He has one arm around her neck as if he is partially hugging her to reciprocate the love. He may not be aware of all his surroundings, but it looks like he knows love when he feels it.

What makes this footage so warm is that this girl wants to keep her brother safe by keeping him close to her. She cradles him tightly as if to communicate that she will always protect him. However, her ability to protect him meets its first challenge when she made a few sudden dance moves.

Towards the end of the video, she takes a turn that causes her to lose her balance slightly. What sounds like fear of him being dropped, mom asked hurriedly, "Can I hold him now?" Yes, even mom asked for permission to take her son away from his big sister.

This little girl is representative of so many big sisters all over the world who is tasked with helping mom care for her younger siblings. It is an organic role in that girls grow up playing with dolls and learn the role of caretaker early on.

They subliminally get the message that the baby needs care, and it's their responsibility to give it to her. So, when new babies come home from the hospital, the big sister has already had her "training" and is ready to step in and put her skills to work. 

Many older sisters care for their younger siblings without a thought, and they do so with loving care. Mothers often rely upon them to step in and help when help is needed. And, they step up to the plate. They help with meals, laundry, cleaning, babysitting, and more. They often don't receive the credit they deserve as assistant-mom, but these sisters often relish their role and do what's expected. They are female heroes or "sheroes."

Do you have a story of a big sister with whom you share a loving bond? If you have a sister you want to honor, share this story with them. If you are a big sister who helped your mother with her younger children, you rock!

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