Little Girl With Special Needs Tells Cashier 'I Love You' After He Allows Her To Help Him Bag Groceries

Something heartwarming happened at a Giant Food Store between a cashier and a 9-year-old girl with special needs. It was all invoked after the cashier kindly asked her if she could help with the groceries.

According to Lilly's mother, it was a custom of the young girl to watch how everything fits perfectly into a grocery bag. Much like a game of puzzle, this type of activity calms the little girl and has a therapeutic effect on her.

Without knowing this, Witte asked the little girl if she wanted to help him out with their groceries. The mother was pleasantly surprised at the request as she was the only one who knew just how much her daughter loved this type of activity.

Teach took a video of the moment. It was amazing to watch her little girl overflow with joy as she was able to be helpful in doing something useful. The girl kept on reaffirming how much she loved packing the groceries.

The girl told Witte that she loved him for allowing her to participate in this type of activity and believe that she is capable of performing it. After the video of her helping went viral, Witte admitted that he himself has a disability.

Because Witte also had a disability, he was able to know what the girl needed and gave her the chance that he would have loved to be given at her age. Teach affirmed that Lilly was not usually so cordial with people. Witte was a special case in which she was able to show her warm affection.

According to Teach, the way the little girl expressed her love for Witte was a result of her being seen, validated, and made to feel special. It was a rare occasion in which the girl was able to be trusted with helping an elderly do something useful.

For this little girl, the ordinary task of packing groceries in a bag will turn into a memory that she will never forget. Perhaps this episode will give her strength for the rest of her life. In order to make the event even more special, the girl returned to the store later where she received a Giant Food Stores nametag.

Whatever she plans to do in life, she already has a job secured at the age of 16. The store manager offered Lilly a job with them when she turned 16. Her mother told the store manager that she was eager to start that very day if she had the chance.

What do you think about moments like this when someone empowers another to feel seen and validated? What kind of impact does a memory like this have on a young child's mind? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.