Little Girl Walking Horse In Snow Gets Stuck But It's Horse's Action That's Melting Everyone's Heart

Sometimes friendships arise in the most unexpected pairs. Do you think a toddler could become friends with a horse? If you do, you'd be right. Tiny Emma has a lot of love for her horse Cinnamon, and her affection is returned, as you'll see in this video.

Emma's dad Justin trains horses for a living. He even owns his own ranch. So it's only natural that is daughter should develop an affinity for equestrians. 

He even owns the Justin Dunn Horsemanship, which is an organization that aims to build meaningful relationships between people and horses.

It might make some viewers nervous to see such a tiny girl leading a giant animal like Cinnamon. But the horse is as calm as a still pond when Emma is around. She even stops and waits for Emma to get a hold on the reins when she gets them wrapped around her leg. Cinnamon is almost more patient than Emma's dad is!

Even though it's obviously frigid outside and the horse is ten times her size, the toddler is fearless. She takes tiny steps and moves Cinnamon along at her own pace. The horse happily plays along.

The cutest part of the video is when Emma's dad asks her questions about Cinnamon. He asks if that is her horse and she responds with enthusiasm, "Yeah!" She can't quite pronounce Cinnamon's name, so it comes out more like "Cimmon." It's adorable.

What do you think about this unlikely bond? Have you had such a strong bond with an animal as a child too? Let us know - and pass this along to your animal loving friends and family to make their day!