Little Girl Shows Dog New Hula Hoop Then Dog's Next Move Has Everyone Losing It

Feb 13, 2019 by apost team

We all know that dogs are intelligent creatures. They’re often used for many purposes, such as herding cattle and aiding the disabled community. However, people often say that it’s impossible to teach old dogs some new tricks!

Well in the case of one little girl and her dog, she wasn’t willing to give up just yet! The toddler, named Sierra, just got a hula-hoop and didn’t want her dog to miss out on any of the fun.

Since she’s recently become an expert at hula-hooping herself, she figured it was now the best time to teach her dog how to do some new tricks as well. Thankfully, the camera was rolling the entire time so the internet could share in on the heartwarming moment as well!

Speaking to her dog with a voice filled with inspiration and encouragement, Sierra decides that her dog needs to join in during her playtime and decides to place a hula-hoop around his neck! The situation between them is too innocent and precious for words!

Her dog’s name is Bucky, and he’s of the breed of Newfoundlands. It’s widely known that this type of dog makes for excellent family dogs.

Not only are they smart and loyal, but learning new tasks and having responsibilities come second nature to this breed!

Although they are rather large dogs, sometimes reaching 150 pounds in weight, they’re still known to be rather mellow and docile. Thankfully, Sierra was there to provide some of the exercise and mental stimulation that this breed so desperately craves!

You can see just how patient Bucky is with his favorite friend Sierra. He indulges in her playtime and acts excited to be spending time with her.

Although he probably knows he isn’t able to hula-hoop, that won’t stop him from trying when Sierra extends one of hers over to him! Bucky simply steps out of the hula-hoop, doing his best to obey her commands.

But Sierra isn’t ready to give up yet! She decides to teach him firsthand how to play with the hula-hoop, putting on an adorable demonstration for the dog in the most innocent and cute way.

The way she speaks to her dog is so gentle, and we could all learn a lesson about kindness from Sierra, even from species to species! You can watch the video of Sierra and Bucky in the video below. What do you think about their adorable interaction?