Little Girl Puts On Mommy's High Heels And Dances Adorably To Taylor Swift Song

For years, Shirley Temple has been considered the cutest icon in child history…but it may be time for her to move over! Thanks to the adorable home video recording of a blonde-haired toddler dancing and singing along to Taylor Swift’s song "Shake It Off", the internet may have a new child favorite!

The home recording, capture by the child’s mom, shows the little girl ready to perform in the family kitchen. The toddler’s curly blonde hair is pulled up in a bun on the back of her head and she is wearing a sweet little blue dress. The outfit is complete with her mom’s oversized black high-heels, which are obviously about ten sizes too big.

From the moment the video starts, the little girl is ready to boogie! She takes off with her hands on her hips, shimmying and shaking for all that she’s worth. She swings her hips and proudly sings out “I go on too many dates!” with a huge smile spread across her face.

Jumping and working the floor, this little girl gives herself a workout with the music. And, despite the high heels of the shoes, she never once trips or stumbles…which is a lot more than I could ever hope for if I was the one dancing!

As she makes her way across the kitchen floor, she gets down and shakes her little rear while working her fists in the air. Obviously, this youngster has been watching some Taylor Swift videos during her short time on this earth!

On top of dancing in the kitchen, this little star also takes advantage of nearby props, using both the refrigerator and stove to help her with her dance moves. At one point, she pulls the refrigerator door open right in tune with the music.

By the end of the video, the child looks like she is beginning to wear out but, just when we think she’s about to give up, she yells out “shake it off!”. Her sweet, childish voice only adds to the charm of this precious video.

While dancing around the kitchen is certainly something that most girls do, very few of us get started when we’re as young as this precious child! With her cute moves, infectious smile, and skills with the high heels, we can almost guess that this little girl is going to keep moving long after her video stops floating around the internet!

Source: Little Girl Dances To Taylor Swift Song In Mommy's High Heels by CaycePfau

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