Little Girl Makes Fireman Dad Sing In Lobby Only To Unleash Haunting Voice Bringing Room To Standstill

Aug 08, 2020 by apost team

If you have ever visited Disney World, you know that it is a place where you can have wonderful experiences. However, some guests add even more magic by displaying their amazing gifts. A man named Justin Gigliello was vacationing at the Grand Floridian Resort located in Orlando, Florida. Justin was getting ready to go out for lunch with his family.

On the way to the restaurant, they saw a pianist dressed in a tuxedo. The musician was playing the piano in the hotel lobby. Justin started to dance with Lyla, his 6-year-old daughter. After the pianist finished playing his song, Lyla told him that her daddy also played the piano.

Justin then told the pianist that his gift focused more on singing. However, Justin's talent reaches far beyond ordinary singing.

Justin attended The Boston Conservatory where he was trained to perform as an opera singer. He also teaches voice lessons at his home in Connecticut. Plus, Justin is a volunteer fireman at the North Stonington Volunteer Fire Department.

When Justin and Lyla spotted the pianist, Justin was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts. People were stunned when they heard him sing "Ave Maria." His voice filled the hotel lobby as a small appreciative audience began to gather around the piano.

In the video, Lyla looks at her dad with adoration in her eyes. Justin later uploaded the video to Twitter.

People could not get over the look on his daughter's face. Lyla later told NBC News that she loves listening to her dad singing "Ave Maria."

Lyla's mom, Lauren, mentioned that Lyla loves Justin's singing voice. Justin and Lyla frequently sing together. Plus, Justin sings Lyla to sleep every night. After Justin finished singing in the hotel lobby, everyone began to cheer and clap.

Justin said he was overjoyed at the favorable response. He also mentioned that he and his parents used to visit Disney World when he was a boy.

Justin said that they stayed at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort, which was right next door to the Grand Floridian Resort. They used to walk to the Grand Floridan Resort lobby and listen to piano music. So, the recent event brought up happy memories of Justin's childhood. Justin's influence on his daughter has given her a desire to become a professional singer one day

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