Little Girl Leaps Into Nurse's Arms In Order To Celebrate End Of Her Cancer Treatments

Sep 15, 2021 by apost team

Cancer is devastating at any age but can be especially frightening for children. When receiving treatment for cancer, kids sometimes lose sight of the big picture and need to be reminded that there are still good things to look forward to. This is why the organization Little Wishes was created. Founders Laura Euphrat and Joanne Davantes are two nurses that saw the difference small acts of kindness made in a hospitalized child's life. They founded Little Wishes to spread joy and comfort to kids and their families while receiving treatment. 

In late August 2021, Little Wishes shared a video on their TikTok account of a celebration they organized for a little girl who just finished her cancer treatments after two years. The girl's name is Amelia, 5, and in the video you see her enter the hall where nurses and doctors are lined up with pom-poms to cheer for her recovery. As soon as Amelia spots Talia, her child life therapist, she rushes straight into her arms for a big hug and doesn't let go.

Talia held her for a moment and when she realized Amelia wasn't letting go, she scooped her up and carried her down the hallway, spinning and dancing while everyone else cheered in celebration. The moment is incredibly touching, and you can tell that Amelia and Talia share a special bond.

After two long years of cancer treatment at Children's Hospital Montefiore, Amelia is finally done and you can see her gratitude in the way she ran up to her specialist and threw her arms around her. Read on to see reactions to the TikTok and to learn more about Amelia and Talia.

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Little Wishes posted the TikTok to Youtube and shared this message in the video's description: "5-year-old Amelia has finally finished treatment for her cancer after two years! You can see the special relationship she developed with our amazing Little Wishes team at Children's Hospital Montefiore. She is hugging her special Child Life Therapist, Talia. We love moments like these!"

The video has gone viral on TikTok and has over a million views. Users from all over the world left comments congratulating Amelia on her recovery and one person wrote, "That nurse truly impacted that little girl! She will always look up to her." Talia's dedication and compassion helped Amelia through years of hardship and forged an incredible bond. 

Another person shared a personal story, writing, "My child life specialist inspired my career path as a social worker and is a trusted friend/mentor to me still as an adult. Thank you for what you do!" Sick children look forward to those small gestures that help ease the discomfort of long hospital stays and difficult treatments. Little Wishes does amazing work in children's hospitals all over the United States by providing these celebratory moments for young patients.

Little Wishes left a response in the comments section, sharing: "Amelia is hugging her amazing child life specialist who helped comfort and guide her and her family through her cancer treatment. Part of the LW team!" The organization has many videos sharing other happy occasions for kids as well. We are lucky to share in Amelia's celebration even just through a video. We are wishing her continued health and happiness!

Did you find this video moving? Have you ever had a special connection with a healthcare worker? Let us know and pass this video on to your loved ones so that others can celebrate with Amelia as well.

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