Little Girl Has 'Einstein Hair' - A Rare Mutation You've Probably Never Seen - And She's Beautiful

Jun 03, 2018 by apost team

Not everyone has heard of the condition known as Einstein hair. That’s mostly because it is an actual disorder that affects roughly 100 people worldwide, so chances are you probably haven’t run across an individual with it. We are here to explain it to you! This abnormality is an actual gene mutation that happens when a mutated gene causes the hair follicles to come in heart-shaped, instead of round like the rest of the population. It is named after famed scientist Albert Einstein, who was quite famous for his frizzy hair.

The condition has been dubbed “Uncombable Hair Syndrome” and is exactly what young Evelyn Cubbedge suffers from. Little Evelyn is only five-years-old but has dealt with her unruly hair her whole lifetime. The condition makes the strands of hair naturally stand up straight in a way that they cannot be combed down flat. She has straw-like blonde hair that sticks out around her head, same as Albert Einstein!

In addition to the unruly locks, her hair will never grow long enough to be cut. Many strangers have remarked on the resemblance of this young child and Albert Einstein and she and her parents are often asked if she was electrocuted. 

While Evelyn may have a condition that makes her stand out from the crowd, it doesn’t make her any less adorable.

This beautiful girl is just as happy as can be! She is gorgeous in her own unique way and she knows it. We were told that she has never had a real haircut! Sometimes her mother will cut a little bit of her hair to make Evelyn feel better, but she states that she usually only cuts a couple of the longer pieces. How amazing is that! Evelyn is well aware that she has hair that is vastly different from those around her but it doesn’t faze her. She knows she is special! 

Evelyn’s parents plan to keep her hair just the way it is. According to her mom, her hair is unique and it is what makes her who she is. They don’t plan to change her hair unless she wants to do something different with it when she gets older. What an amazing story and incredibly adorable little girl! 

Did you watch the video above? Let us know how cute you think Evelyn is in our comment section! She has her own cheerleading squad!