Little Girl Gives Her Deaf Dog A Signal While Identifying Her Abuser

Jul 18, 2018 by apost team

The act of testifying in court can be very traumatic for young children. Often times we are given no choice but to put a child behind the witness stand. The practice of using dogs to help children during these stressful times is beginning to catch on.

It doesn't matter who the defendant or the plaintiff is during a court hearing. Even adults get nervous behind the witness stand, even when they aren't the ones confused. Testifying in the court of law is a true challenge, especially for children.

Assuming a child is testifying against their abuser in a court of law, they may contradict themselves during open court, in fear of being embarrassed or judged by a room full of people. Joanna Rittenhouse has seen his many times because she works as a handler for therapy dogs.

These canines provide comfort and security to children in court. They are also used in other stressful situations with children. One such animal, Karl, was born deaf and has learned to speak American sign language.

Karl is certainly a unique dog. In the future, Karl will help a number of children during stressful situations. His handlers hope that Karl will bring happiness and joy to the lives of these children.

If you liked learning about Karl check out the video below for more about this amazing animal. Don't forget to show the video to your friends and family.