Little Girl Begins Swinging Her Hips - But When A Little Boy Joins Her On Dance Floor The Crowd Goes Crazy

Aug 01, 2018 by apost team

At a wedding, the bride and groom were clueless to the fact that they were going to be treated to entertainment by two young dancers. The video of their performance has now went viral, as it currently has over 50 million views. People can't seem to get enough of these two young dancers. In the video, you'll see as the little girl initiates the dance, strutting out onto the dance floor, swinging her hips, wearing a polka dotted skirt.

The boy is wearing a bow tie with suspenders and black shoes. He confidently walks up to the little girl and they begin dancing together. They worked together flawlessly, performing duo moves. They even performed some solo moves. Parts of the performance include lip syncing from the little girl.

It wasn't just one song. The song switched up multiple times, and they kept on dancing. The routine even had props being used. When the camera cuts to the bride and groom, they can be seen dancing along with the youngsters!

It is certainly a must-see experience.

The children can't be older than 11 or 12 and they are already better performers than most. You can tell they put a lot of work and practice into organizing their entire routine.

This is a video you can't afford to not show your friends. Let them see these two youngsters as they perform their professional-style dance routine at a wedding.