Little Girl Approaches Child In Motorized Wheelchair Making One Move That Her Mother Refused To Ignore

When times are tough, almost nothing can brighten our lives like the presence of a faithful friend. Abbie is a special little friend that makes a big difference in the life of another little girl named Ruby. Ruby has special needs, but that doesn't stop Abby from showering her with love and attention.

The two adorable little girls love to laugh and talk to each other in their own private, non-verbal language.

Ruby suffers from a condition called known as Hypomyelination with Atrophy of Basal Ganglia and Cerebellum, or H-ABC for short. Less than 100 people in the world have this extremely rare condition. It makes Ruby unable to run, jump, and play like other little girls. As it progresses, H-ABC will cause her brain to shrink.

In spite of her future prognosis, Ruby still finds plenty of joy in her daily life. One of the main sources of that joy comes from time spent with her little friend, Abbie. Ruby's mom shared some of the precious video footage of their unique friendship.

In the video, Ruby can be seen seated in her hot rod wheelchair. Abbie walks up beside her. She rests her hand gently behind Ruby's head to make Ruby aware of her presence. Then Abbie rests Ruby's hand on the bar that controls her wheelchair.

When Ruby pushes on the bar, she races around t he cone to everyone's delight. Abbie then skips over to Ruby's other side. They exchange whispers and giggles.

Ruby's mom is so grateful for this relationship of "pure love," as she aptly describes it. Because of her limitations, Ruby doesn't have many friends. But little Abbie is more than willing to hang out with her bosom buddy, Ruby.

You can see their incredible bond in this touching and adorable video.

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