Donkey Wants To Be A Clydesdale And Explains His Case, Leaving Viewers In Stitches

This heartwarming Budweiser commercial created back in 2004 by advertising company Goodby Silverstein & Partners has now, years later, gone viral.

The video features a young donkey whose dream is to be a Clydesdale horse for Budweiser and we see him training and auditioning for the role.

The message has now resonated with millions across the globe.

Clydesdale horses are a type of draft horse that famously have shaggy hair on the bottom half of their legs. Budweiser has a team of Clydesdale horses that they use in promotional events and commercials that have become an icon of American marketing.

In the commercial, which is mentioned here in Ads Of The World, the donkey tells viewers about his life goal to be part of the Clydesdale racing team. The donkey does everything to train, like pulling beer to get stronger and getting hair extensions placed on his legs. Finally, the donkey gets a chance to audition in front of his dream team. His audition is hilarious and the video is inspiring and motivational. 

While the commercial was made over a decade ago, it deeply resonated with viewers some of who are now discovering it for the first time.

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