Little Boy Sits At Piano And Performs Medley Of Dance Hits — Huge Crowd Gathers

Apr 02, 2021 by apost team

Some of the most beautiful pieces of music come from impromptu street performances. The most ordinary people step up and use the street as a platform to showcase their extraordinary talents, and thanks to the age of technology, the world is getting to experience the magic of uncovering remarkable musical gifts in the most mundane of places. 

Today, social media is filled with street shows that are fit to be on a professional stage. Mellow piano pieces, guitar performances that capture our hearts and medleys of brass instruments all have the power to make our days much better. Though we don't see it often, children make up a part of such performances as well. 

How many times have you come across a piano on the street that is free to play and wished you could take a chance and play it? It requires skill, of course, but also a little bit of courage to put yourself out there. In Jan. 2020, Harrison Crane, 12, attracted a huge crowd in Liverpool, U.K., when he started playing dance songs on a piano. In no time at all, it was clear that this young boy was no ordinary talent and had all the makings of a gifted musician.

As he flawlessly plays song after song, his talent is recognized immediately and a crowd gathers in minutes to see the boy wonder glide across the keys. Aptly titled "How to attract a crowd in 4 minutes," this video is among the cream of the crop when it comes to surprising street performances. 

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This 12-year-old street pianist is the now-well-known Harrison Crane, who has been playing the piano since he was only 6 years old, according to The Liverpool Echo. Six years is not that long when it comes to the timeline of becoming an expert player, but Harrison isn't a typical young pianist. He first came to prominence in 2020 when he wowed a crowd of shoppers in Liverpool after he performed an exquisite string of belting 1990s dance anthems. Within seconds of his playing, the first few people trickled in around him, likely drawn by the mellifluous notes. As far as we can tell, there seemed to be no flaws in little Harrison's playing, and there was a smooth transition into every new tune.

An enthusiastic YouTuber nicely summed up Harrison's performance, writing, "WOW you legend, it's so unbelievably exciting to see someone as young as you play those ivories like a little modern day Beethoven."

His song choices included "Children" by Robert Miles, "Insomnia" by Faithless, "Sandstorm" by Darude, "Wake Me Up" by Avicii, "Blue" by Eiffel 65 and "Seven Nation Army" by The White Stripes. These songs also had a nostalgic quality to them; after all, the 90s are no longer a recent frame of time! The songs were executed with perfection. Harrison's hands adeptly navigated the piano's notes without needing any sheet music or external prompts. 

According to The Daily Mail, Harrison has been improving his musical skills for three hours every Saturday since he was 4 years old at a performing arts school while also taking lessons at Adam Christopher School Of Musical Excellence in Ormskirk.

"Whilst shopping in Liverpool One Shopping center, I noticed a public piano that was empty so decided to play a mix of Dance Classics from the 1990s," he wrote in the video description. "Within minutes a crowd gathered and I was delighted with the applauds I received at the end of my performance." Since the release of this video, Harrison has been featured on the Ministry of Sound Club's Instagram and Facebook pages and was also invited to perform on "Good Morning Britain," where he continued to impress people with his musical ability.

Interestingly, neither of Harrison's parents plays any musical instruments! So how did he end up being so good? Harrison's father Jonathan Crane said on "Good Morning Britain" in 2020, "He learns by ear and sometimes from YouTube, and also by slowly going over sheet music then memorizing it." This is quite an amazing talent! Moreover, Harrison added that he loved playing for a crowd and the applause at the end was his favorite part. The attention that came from his first performance inspired Harrison to create his own Youtube channel, where he periodically updates his 125,000 subscribers with new videos of him performing on the street as well as at home. 

Despite his meteoric rise to fame, Harrison remains as humble as ever. One person commented on his first video, "Well, Mom and Dad, your money's not being wasted on this boy's lessons. Very good." Harrison replied saying, "I am so glad I had the opportunity to learn piano and drums. I know I am very lucky." What a grateful and –– needless to say –– talented boy.

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