Little Boy Shows All Shades Of Excitement After Dad Walks In On Him And The Dog Napping

May 26, 2023 by apost team

The popular saying goes that dogs are man’s best friends. That statement has been proven to be true multiple times thanks to numerous stories and circumstances that showed how loyal dogs were to the families that owned them. Besides dogs’ unwavering loyalty to their owners, they also go above and beyond to protect them from danger and care for them in any way they can. There are numerous examples of how dogs have brought joy, peace, and love to their best friends, and this story adds to the unending list. 

While no one can argue that dogs are man’s best friends, this story may make one counter it a bit by saying that our furry friends are a child’s best friend. Want to know why? Well, look no further than the case of Pepper the Old English Sheepdog, who wanted nothing more than to nap with her best buddy. 

We can’t seem to trace the original source of the August 2017 clip, but we found it on the internet and loved it. 

A loving dad walked into his little son’s room to find the toddler standing in his crib. However, the adorable tot wasn’t alone as Pepper sat beside him, as quiet as she could be. 

However, the boy looked so pleased to have Pepper beside him. Dog and child were excited about sharing the crib, and the ensuing conversation between the man and his son proved it. In the end, the man knew there was nothing he could do than to let his son and Pepper be. Read on to find out more about Pepper, the adorable Sheepdog, and her best friend. 

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The video began with the man walking into his little son’s room. He saw the toddler standing, supporting himself by placing his little hands on the crib’s wooden edges. The little champ showed no signs of worry as his dad walked in. Meanwhile, his buddy, Pepper, sat next to him, staring at the dad, seemingly wondering why he was disturbing their bonding moment. Next, the man asked his son

“Chris, what are you doing with Pepper in your crib?” 

Meanwhile, the man wasn’t alone as another cute dog was in the room with him and walked around, probably wondering what Pepper was doing in Chris’s crib. Chris didn’t respond to his dad’s question. Instead, the sweet boy licked his lips and kept staring at his dad’s face, seemingly hoping he wouldn’t take Pepper away from his crib. On the other hand, Pepper maintained a straight face and seemed unbothered. Receiving no answer from his son, the man proceeded to ask Pepper what she was doing in Chris’ bed. However, the cute dog didn’t respond to his question. 

With no answers to his forthcoming questions, the man asked Chris and Pepper to say hi. Chris excitedly said, “Hi,” smiling and waving his right hand as he did. The man noticed that the other dog, named Chilli, wanted to spend time with Chris in the crib and said: 

“Chilli wants in.” 

The man zoomed in on Pepper and asked her what she was doing in the crib again. This time, the furry Sheepdog looked away from his direction, unmoved by his continuous interrogation. Next, Chris screamed out some inaudible words, seemingly telling his dad to leave them alone. Finally, the man understood his son and his best buddy were having fun and left them, saying: 

“Alright! Time for your nap. Goodnight everybody.”

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