Little Baby Deer Finds Loving New Home After Close Call

Jul 31, 2020

In Ontario, Canada, a family of campers in the woods was astonished by unusually loud noises that were coming from a nearby swamp. Upon further investigation, they noticed a tiny baby deer who was desperately trying to stay afloat in the middle of the water. In order to save the baby deer's life, the family pulled the deer out of the water and called Monika Melichar of Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary earlier this year.

The empathetic campers could not turn their backs on the helpless animal who seemed to be all alone and in dire need of help.

The hikers worked as a team to help the scared little animal out of the swamp and onto the dry banks of the swamp. They tried to look for its mother who was nowhere to be seen. After a long search, one of the hikers decided to contact the Woodland's Wildlife Sanctuary for advice about what they should do with the helpless animal, as CBC reports.

The worker at Woodland's Wildlife Sanctuary, Monika Melichar, asked them to take the baby deer to them so that they could help her get back to good health and provide her with a place she could call home as they tried to trace the whereabouts of her mother.

On receiving the cute little deer, the Ontario-based sanctuary introduced her to a new diet that included a formula to help her regain her strength, according to this video from The Dodo. Since she was all alone, a stuffed giraffe that was big enough for her to cuddle with was placed in her new home. The Sanctuary later christened the baby deer Ivy.

Luckily enough, the Sanctuary was able to adopt another baby deer who was also orphaned just like Ivy and the two became good friends. Ivy and her new buddy would spend their day together playing and were inseparable when cuddling.

The Ontario-based sanctuary proceeded to take good care of the animals and nurtured them into adulthood. Here, the animals found people who were happy to walk with them through the journey of life. The sanctuary became their home when they were babies, but now that they are adults, they have to move out.

Workers at the Sanctuary say it is a beautiful sight to see the animals go back into the wild where they will thrive and rejoin their families. The workers are glad to know that there exist people who have enough empathy towards helpless animals and are willing to help them out whenever the need arises.

Sometimes, all one requires is some kindness in life just like the baby deer in this story. Extending a helping hand is encouraged whenever one is in a position to help just as the campers helped the deer who was in grave danger and was all alone in the woods.

The little help that the hikers extended to the baby deer enabled her to grow into an adult who can now take care of herself in the woods. Moreover, they gave her a chance to meet her newfound companion.

This inspiring story about a baby deer who survived against huge odds to become big enough to go back to the wild deserves a bigger audience.

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