Linda Ronstadt Admits She Doesn't Listen To Contemporary Country Music - Says 'I Don’t Care For It' In Interview

Dec 06, 2019 by apost team

Linda Ronstadt is an influential artist who has been changing the music scene for decades. The bar has now been set at a higher point than when she came into the industry. Future generations may have trouble reaching her level. Ronstadt has won a Grammy Award 11 different times.

After she released her recent live album, the artist is getting candid about her feelings towards modern country music.

Photo by Jesse Grant/WireImage for Getty Images

Ronstadt had been putting out well-received records in impressive succession for much of her career, but she never gave fans an album with a live theme. On the 1st of February, Live In Hollywood was released offering fans the experience of a live album that they've always wanted

. There are 12 performances on the album all hand-selected by Ronstadt. The recordings are from a concert in 1980 which was filmed for the HBO. The album contains a mixture of Ronstadt's chart-topping singles and a unique version of "Desperado", originally by the Eagles.

While this new release has many fans excited to reminisce about older times of music, Ronstadt admits that country music has changed in her opinion. When speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer was asked about her feelings towards current signers and how they've been influenced by her music. Ronstadt said that she hoped singers have a "sense of urgency" and "of an earnest attempt".

She decided to go more specific when discussing the state of country music in modern-day. She told the magazine that she doesn't listen to current country music because she doesn't "care for it."

Ronstadt continued by explaining that she prefers old country music that still derived from the country. She said that she's dubbed the modern state of country music as "Midwest mall-crawler music." Ronstadt explained that country music is no longer an agrarian form. She said that she feels as though modern country music is simply suburban music.

This definitely isn't' the first time that iconic artists have voiced their concern about the modern state of country music. Ronstadt is in a reputable group of artists who feel that the music is losing its roots, or at least that the country label is used too broadly.

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