Libra: 2018 Is A Year Of Good Fortune

Mar 19, 2018 by apost team

Libra, prepare for a lot of luck to come your way in 2018. You will have plenty of opportunities to work on your own personal growth as you make big life changes happen. You will be strong and determined this year, learning to believe in your own personal power. Trust yourself and your strength and 2018 will come together for you.

Love and Family

You may find that you are disappointed in certain relationships. This is due to the influence of the March eclipse. To recover from this, you must work on these relationships and put time and effort into them. Be sure you set boundaries in your relationships at all times. Remember to walk away from relationships that are truly damaging to you.

Work and Career

Libra, you are embarking on two years of creativity and innovation. You will find ways to channel your creative impulses and profit from your work. Similar to how your personal relationships may suffer in the beginning of 2018, your work relationships may experience the same effect. Your productivity is high and you will be recognized for your strong efforts.


This is a lucky year for you when money is concerned, Libra. It is less due to pure chance and more to the amount of work you have put in to become successful. Be sure to seek out competent advice. Don’t trust people who don’t have experience with money. Be careful with your money in the early spring.


2018 is a time of healing for you, Libra. You will find that alternative medicine helps you feel your best. Be open-minded if you haven’t tried it before. You may find that the benefits to your mind and soul are great. Your energy will draw good things toward you if you are careful with your health. This year, you will learn to integrate the health of the body and the health of the soul.

2018 will be a great year for you, Libra. You may benefit from a big opportunity, whether it is a change of jobs or attaining a promotion you have worked for. This may give you the opportunity to learn and grow. You may also make a long distance move.


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