Let’s Evaluate Your Math Skills: Can You Solve This Difficult Equation?

Jun 12, 2019 by apost team

Everyday math can be very useful in calculating tip percentages or the amount of discount you might get at a sale.

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You might not need trigonometry or algebra every single day, but basic arithmetic is extremely useful outside of a classroom. It's good to exercise your math skills so you can keep up with the everyday math you might need. Why don't you give it a try below.


Not so fast! Make sure you have made the right choices in getting to your solution. Scroll down if you want a hint.






Ready for your hint? Remember your PEMDAS order of operations.

What do you think the answer is? 3 or 12?

If you used the PEMDAS rule you would have to do the question in the parentheses first, which is 8 ÷ 4, which equals 2.

Then you must shift over to the left equation and do 24 ÷ 4= 6.

Then you have to multiply 6 x 2 which equals 12 and there is your answer!

Did you get the solution on the first try? Tell your friends about this equation and see if they do too!